Find out about the life of our ancestors, watch the adventures of a prehistoric hunter, play games and solve quizzes!

Over 40 educational games for children,
800 Megabytes of raw graphics and animation,
almost 1 hour of voice overs, music and sound effects!

Prehistory is the first program in our The History of Mankind educational series, containing:

  • Presentation of prehistoric inventions and buildings:

  • - Find out how to make a wooden and stone spear, a reed, wooden or mammoth boat, a canoe, axe, hammer, club, clothes and many other items.
    - Watch builders as they build the Stonehenge, prehistoric houses and tents.
  • The Adventures of a Prehistoric Hunter:

  • - An illustrated story about prehistoric hunter Vern and his great journey.
  • Games:

  • - Become an archeologist or constructor, solve puzzles, color pictures, build the Stonehenge, prehistoric tower, mud hut and other prehistoric buildings.
  • Quizzes:

  • - Check your knowledge about prehistoric age.
    • How were the embarkments of the settlement of Biskupin constructed?
    • How to make a dugout canoe
    • How prehistorian artists performed
    • How to make a wooden spear
    • How prehistorian people hunted
    • How to start a fire with a stick
    • How to transform a Christmas tree into a club
    • How to build a stone house
    • How to make a mud hut
    • How to make a twig house
    • How to make a house of skins and bones
    • How to make a reed boat
    • How did the first clothes look like?
    • How to make a needle out of a bone or a fishbone
    • How to transport huge stones
    • How to light up a road at night
    • Can a cave be a home?
    • How to ‘cut’ down a tree with a bonfire
And many, many more...